Tuesday, February 19, 2013

taken from website.. not mine

There are very few things in life worth getting upset about; if the issue is not going to matter a year from now, drop it and seek laughter! Laughter is the greatest gift one can give; time is the most precious treasure we can lose. It amazes me the way people will be so guarded with their money, yet they allow people to waste their time everyday. Money is replaceable; time is not. Time spent being happy, is priceless.

I feel that men are misunderstood and unfairly vilified. They get married and end up sacrificing their own happiness to live in the pursuit of hers...and to no avail because most women are incapable of being happy. The truth is, a man would rather hurt himself than see a woman cry. You would choose our orgasm over your own, yet you get blamed for our misery. Men really are so very easy to please; you don't ask for much at all. Your biggest fault is marrying the wrong women and fearing the woman who creates her own happiness.

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