Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thoughts become things

you become what you think about most

thoughts become things

do not focus on what you do not want

you attract your predominant thoughts through out the day

what you think about you bring about!

choose your thoughts carefully

everything around you, you attracted based upon what you thought

what ever your thinking or feeling today is creating your future

your thoughts and feelings create your universe by attraction

be a deliberate creator of your life

the universe responds to your thoughs

the creative process. 1. ask 2. believe 3. feel it

you will attract everything you require

if you want to change your circumstances, you first must change your thinking

your current state of affairs is not who you are, its' who you were.

visualize and you will materialize, if you been then in the mind, you will go there in the body

the feeling creates the attraction

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